Choose this package to have assistance planning your Aliyah to the smallest detail. We will guide you through your pre and post Aliyah stages and be available to you from 9 am – 6 pm Israel time via email, WhatsApp and calls.  You will receive all the services below that will save you money, time, effort and frustration and help make your family’s Aliyah as stress-free and successful as possible.

Duration of service – This service begins from the date of sign up and will last 6 months after your Aliyah date (up to 60 hours of support).

​This package includes:

Initial consultation – 1 hour video conference call to understand your family’s goals and current situation

Game plan – We will provide you with a chronological timeline of what you need to do before and after Aliyah.

Checklist – We will supply you with a detailed checklist of things to do before and after Aliyah.

Shipping – We will share with you our free shipping guide and help you choose the shipping company that best meets your needs.

Finding a community – We will give you feedback on possible communities that may be suitable for you and your family and introduce you to residents, community coordinators and realtors.

Selecting Schools – We will help you with the process of registering your children for school. We can help schedule a call with the school guidance counselor, principal, ulpan teacher/coordinator or teacher to map out a plan for your children.. We will introduce you to the “book project” (organized purchasing of all school books and workbooks from the school), if available in your children’s schools.

Renting a house: We will introduce you to a real estate broker and a real estate lawyer

Setting up Internet – We will make a conference call with you and a reputable Internet provider before you arrive in Israel to ensure that a technician will have you hooked up the day after you move into your home in Israel.

Switching utilities – We will help switch all your utility bills to your name (once you have moved into your new home) and help set up automatic payment for each bill.  .

Purchasing appliances – We will refer you to reputable appliance stores who can give you advice in English on what appliances you should purchase.

Israeli healthcare – We will help you decide which health care provider best suits you and your family’s needs.​

Rental car – We will help you reserve a rental car for the first few weeks after arriving in Israel .

Israeli bank account – We will accompany you to the first bank meeting to help you open a bank account.

Misrad Haklita (Ministry of Absorption) – We will make an appointment for you in Misrad Haklita and accompany you to the first meeting to get your Sal Klita payments set up as well as your Ulpan vouchers​

Misrad Hapnim (Ministry of Interior) – We will make the appointment for you at Misrad Hapnim to get your Biometric TZ as well as your Israeli Passports and we will accompany you to the appointments.​

Israeli driver’s license – We will explain the process of converting your driver’s license and help make an appointment on your behalf.

Online accounts/appointments – We will help get you familiar with online accounts (bank, utilities, healthcare), set up your first appointments for you (doctors, dentists, schools) and explain how to make future appointments on your own.

Ulpan – We will explain the different Ulpan options and help you choose one that best meets your needs

Grocery store – We will accompany you on your first visit to the supermarket to show you where to find everything you are looking for.