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Olim Advisors Is There Every Step of the Way

Many people, upon returning to the States from a trip to Israel, find themselves dreaming of the day when they will make aliyah. Oftentimes, several weeks later, reality sets in. Of course there are those who follow through on this dream but, for many, it is merely a pipedream. The question is why.


Easing adjustment to Israel: one immigrant helping others

Making Aliyah is not a simple process. Ask any new Israeli citizen what they found most challenging about moving here, and you’ll get a range of angst-ridden answers, from complaints about the endless bureaucracy to monologues about how difficult daily life is when you don’t speak the language (yet).


Nachum Segal Interviews Rafi Shulman from Olim Advisors

Nachum Segal highlights how Olim Advisors makes it easier for people to make Aliyah and settle in Israel quickly and happily.


How to survive the Israeli jungle: The ‘coaches’ who help new olim

It’s not easy to be a new immigrant in Israel. No one prepares them for the different mentality, the complex reality, the cultural gaps and the language barrier. This leads quite a few olim to pack their bags and return to their birth country. But some, like the startup Olim Advisors and Keep Olim organization, are working hard to change that.


Olim Advisors Can Help With Aliyah Questions

Making aliyah is a huge, life-altering decision and with it naturally comes feelings of fear, anxiety, stress and second-guessing. “Am I a doing the right thing?” “Is this the right time to go?” “Is this the best decision for us and our kids?” “How will I get by without knowing Hebrew?” “Who will help us get settled?” These and many other questions go through Olims’ minds as they contemplate making aliyah. The answer and conclusion that many Olim arrive at is “I don’t know for sure, but I want to find out. I want to move to Israel and realize my…

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Packing your bags, leaving what you know, and going to a new land, even if it is the land of your forefathers, must surely have been easier for Avraham. After all, he had Hashem leading the way. Lucky for new olim, there are now a host of people dedicated to giving you a softer landing once you arrive in Israel.