We have been fortunate to help so many Olim make Aliyah.

One of the most rewarding things about what we do is the feedback we get from our clients.

The words of thanks are so inspiring and encouraging.

Here are just a few of the recent thank you notes we’ve received.

Mark and Lauren Shinar – Riverdale, NY

Although it’s an exciting time, the process of making Aliyah has also been filled with uncertainty and anxiety. There’s lots to do, and it can be difficult to keep all the balls in the air, especially because we’re far away and don’t have complete mastery of the language. All we can say is THANK GOD for Olim Advisors! From the moment we began working with Lara Itzhaki, we have been thrilled. She has kept us focused and organized and has been an incredible support. Olim Advisors kept their fingers on the pulse of the rental market on our behalf, and thanks to them, we have secured a beautiful home. As we prepare for the actual move, they have connected us to the right people so that we can register our children for school, and they have guided us towards making informed decisions about moving companies and what we should bring on our lift. Lara is always available to answer questions, both big and small, and she always does it happily, graciously, and competently. When we arrive in Israel in August, we are certain that Olim Advisors will be an incredible support to us as we choose health care providers, set up bank accounts, integrate into Israeli culture, and establish our new lives there. The Premium Package is entirely cost efficient and worth every penny. We would recommend Lara and her team to everyone who is making Aliyah. Working with Olim Advisors has made our future in Israel feel possible; we are lucky to have them in our corner.

Benny and Temirah Rosenberg – Los Angeles, CA

There isn’t enough my wife and I can say about how helpful the olim advisors have been every step on our Aliyah. Pre, during and post-Aliyah having them there not only as advisors but truly as friends they have helped ease any issue we have had and made it easier. Guiding us through Misrad Hapnim and all the other bureaucratic red tape any oleh will cross through and making it a much easier ride for us. Whether it’s getting our biometric, Misrad Klita or passport ….. if we had done this all by ourselves we would have taken days or weeks or months to have accomplished what they did in just half a day or less. Or for instance, opening up a bank account which sounds simple anywhere else was done within a simple appointment at the bank because of all their long term contracts. I can go on and on also mentioning shopping for appliances, car rental, and home shopping / renting they were there to guide and help. It is always nice to know they were either an email, phone call or just a text away to help solve any issue. Thank you olim advisors.

Jon and Rena Bodner – New York, NY

Lara and her team at Olim Advisors are an amazing asset for all families going through the Aliyah process. The assistance begins well before you board the plane and continues seamlessly in your new home, Israel.  They are always available to assist in a multitude of ways, including conference calls, being physically present at bank, utilities, etc. appointments and providing invaluable recommendations. Lara knows how to navigate the government bureaucracy and ensure that your klita is as stress-free as possible. We were fortunate to work with Lara and her team.

Jeff and Elizabeth Nider – Vancouver, British Columbia

Lara and Rafi at Olim Advisors have been so helpful with our recent Aliyah experience. The seemingly small things they did made everything so much more simple. And the comfort of knowing that we would have someone come to the bank and the government office with us was really important. Having them on our team allowed us to focus on the bigger things because I knew they would take care of the details. It’s also nice to have appliances soon after you arrive and not something I would likely have been able to arrange on my own from abroad. It was definitely worth the small investment to secure their services. Highly recommended!

Orit Osnat – New York, NY

I met Rafi and Lara at the NBN Mega Event in NYC in February. I’d heard of their service and hoped that they would be the eyes and ears for me in Israel as I made my final preparations for Aliyah. Lara kept me abreast of the ever-changing practicalities of Aliyah from newly government approved Ulpan programs and contacting prospective landlords to checking on Maccabi locations. Lara set up an appointment with Bezeq and provided info about Golan. We set up a schedule for the day after my arrival to get to the bank and visit HaKlita. We started early and visited two branches of the same bank (don’t ask but did you know you can’t deposit money without a bank card at certain branches!!) and Misrad HaKlita, and got me registered for a meeting with an Absorption Specialist. All before noon! She has continued to keep me abreast of the biometric TZ issue (my newly issued TZ expires in September!) and so she is now guiding me through the mysteries of MisradHaPanim! The lines of communication were always open and guidance was just an email away. Couldn’t have asked for a better hands-on guide through the Aliyah process! Metsuyan! Tov Meyod!

Steve and Abby Kutno – White Plains, New York

Lara was proactive in advance of our arrival, making certain that we were appropriately prepared and having our initial meetings pre-arranged. Her ongoing support from opening a bank account to ensuring Internet services are arranged have been integral in our transition. Most importantly, her calm approach is exactly what new olim need when they are doing something for the first time in a new country and culture.

Reeni and Daniel Pollack – Teaneck, N.J.

Thank you to Olim Advisors for helping us throughout our Aliyah. They have helped us from appliances to passports. We are so grateful to know that they are there for us whenever we have a question. In fact, many times they have saved us hours of time and money spent doing a run-around and they placed us in the right direction. Thank you, Olim Advisors! 

Barry and Shoshanna Hammer van Leeuwen – Amstelveen, Holland

We made Aliya in August, before and after Aliya Lara and Rafi helped us with so many things. Before they helped us look for an apartment and set up appointments with a lawyer, Bezeq, etc. After we arrived Lara took us to Misrad Haklita, the bank, and other places. A month ago we needed to change our TZ. Unfortunately no one was able to tell us if having an appointment after three months would be an issue. After speaking to Lara she got us an appointment within 3 months. Today there was another question and Lara helped us again. Besides all the help she also gave us good advice. Always there to listen and help us where she can.  Thank you Lara for always being there and helping us. Thank you olim advisors for all your time and help. You rock!!!!

Yaakov Vellerman – Ramat Bet Shemesh, Israel

I gave 5 stars because the commitment of Olim Advisors is heartwarming. It is difficult to be Oleh Chadash….Olim Advisors are hands-on not saying but doing.  I found them pretty late during the Aliyah process but had I known them before would have made a lot of difference, A LOT. It would have saved me real hardship… Lara helped me moving through hurdles efficiently. Indispensable for every Oleh Chadash.

Jason Josselsohn – Johannesburg, South Africa

Thank you, Rafi and Lara, the best brother and sister team in Israel.  Rafi & Lara have helped me with housing and other opportunities, and especially great advice. When I first arrived in Israel they managed to organize an amazing price for a car rental. I want to thank-you for being kind and sensitive and patient with my needs as an Oleh, as we all know that moving over to Israel from Abroad is a leap of faith. Thanks for being there as my Olim Advisors / Therapists.

Eli Dashkovsky – Russia

Rafi was very helpful in my issue with Misrad haPnim. He quickly realized what needs to be done in order to get a Teudat Zeut right on spot and what was the problem. He told me what documents I need to bring and what exactly I must say in Hebrew. Besides that, he contacted his acquaintances in banks to help me open an account in a branch near my home.

Lilach and Ian Bullock – Watford, UK

“When we arrived in Israel we were overwhelmed with the amount of meetings/paperwork needed to be done. Lara has become a good friend now and continues to help us with everything! If you’re thinking of making Aliyah, or have already made Aliyah and struggling with the Israeli bureaucracy then I highly recommend that you reach out to them…”

Sarah and Marc Merrill – Queens, New York

“Usually people complain how stressful it is when you first make Aliyah – since you have to make appointments for all of these new things which you don’t necessarily know how… Lara was there for us, and still is! She has assisted in making our aliyah as stress-free as possible!! Highly recommend olim advisors!…”

Amy and Kevin Sachknovsky – New York, NY

“We recommend Lara and Olim Advisers as they were indispensable to us in Navigating the Aliyah Process. They know how to deal with the bureaucracy and the idiosyncrasies of living in Israel…”